Bowen Therapy + Detox Special

Posted on Dec 15, 2016

Bowen Therapy + Detox Special

Feeling stressed after the busy Christmas period? Bowen Therapy provides a wonderful full body relaxation option that will help reset mind body and spirit.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle muscle relaxation technique that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed all at the same time! Bowen Therapy can also help address issues such as muscle fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain just to name a few. Eliza has been practicing Bowen Therapy for over 15 years and is offering a new client special of $70 for an initial treatment (1 hour). Book in today for a fantastic fresh start to the New Year!

Eliza is also a fully qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist. She is also offering a full consultation and 2 week detoxification program for $100 (Herbs / Supplements additional) to help you get a spring in your step for the new year!

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