Using Acupuncture and TCM to Detox Your Body

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

Using Acupuncture and TCM to Detox Your Body

Are you experiencing bloating, fatigue and acne problems? These are signs that your body might be in need for a detox.

If you ‘enjoyed yourself’ a bit too much over the holiday period – or if it’s still going on as we approach Easter – your skin may be indicating that the stomach has been over-indulged, bringing back pimples that you haven’t seen since your teenage years.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps correct the imbalance that is making this happen. The herbs allow your body to clear any toxins that are clogging your system while the acupuncture treatment relieves any stress associated with the situation.

When treating skin problems, TCM considers the emotional and environmental factors affecting the individual, as well as the physical factors. From a TCM perspective, problem skin is most often associated with ‘heat’ and ‘damp’ affecting the organs and the channels of the lungs, the stomach and the spleen.

The lungs are in charge of the skin as they regulate the opening and closing of the pores, which are seen to be blocked in the case of acne, as the heat cannot escape. The stomach, which naturally tends to be warm in order to digest food, can easily gather extra heat – especially when you overload it with rich food! This can then manifest as pimples over the chest and face, as this is where stomach channel runs. Or your digestion may be impaired, so you feel bloated and tired.

Acupuncture, combine with Chinese Herbs, can rebalance and strengthen these organs’ natural functions. Having a treatment is a relaxing experience so negative emotions are smoothed away.

This article is written by Life Source Acupunturist Clare Donnelly.


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