Finding balance with Yin Yoga

Posted on Jul 11, 2014

Finding balance with Yin Yoga

“For fast acting relief, try slowing down”

~ Lily Tomlin ~

Very often, we busy ourselves doing many things throughout the day. My typical day usually involves rushing for meetings and deadlines, multi-tasking, juggling different roles and commitments. Even my weekends are often full of appointments and activities, leaving us feeling even more exhausted than rested. And before I know it, the Monday routine has started again.

The constant rushing around at a fast-pace can create stress to both our body and mind. While it sounds counter-intuitive, the busier we get, the more we need to slow down. To ‘come home’ to our body from the busy, fast paced, non-stopping modern life to find Yin/Yang balance!

The Yin and the Yang

Yin Yoga as the name suggests is based on Chinese Taoist’s principle of Yin and Yang. The common styles of yoga we are used to practicing are yang yoga (E.g. Hot yoga, Power flow yoga and Hatha Yoga), which are dynamic and active style of yoga. These classes target yang tissues (i.e. skins and muscles) which are more fluid and closer to the surface.

Yin yoga is a slower and more passive practice. It targets yin tissues, which are more plastic and closer to the core of the body, such as ligaments, joints and bones. During the natural process of aging, the joints become drier and we lose mobility in our joints. So Yin yoga helps us to keep our joints healthy.

What happens in a Yin Yoga class doesn’t just stay in the class

The room is not heated so it is more like a “Cool Yoga” class. We start cool and stay cool.

The aim is to exercise joints, not muscles. So the muscles around the targeted joints are relaxed to allow the connective tissues to be stretched effectively.

We go through a series of long held mainly floor poses, which works with the meridians in the body to bring benefits to the internal organs. The benefits to the inner organs continue even after the class has ended. According to Sarah Powers (internationally acclaimed Yin Yoga Teacher), Yin Yoga is like a “needleless acupuncture” which can have the same effects as an acupuncture session.

What I really love about yin yoga is that it encourages us to bring out our yin nature such as patience and acceptance. Instead of pulling ourselves deeper into a pose, we simply invite our body to fall into a shape, accepting wherever we are and enjoy just being there.

Share the love of Yin class

Sharing the practice of Yin Yoga is definitely helping me to slow down and find my yin/yang balance. Come join us at our yin classes to find out what it’s all about.

Yin Yoga: Wednesday 12-1pm & Sundays 4.30-5.45pm
Next Yin Yoga Workshop: 6 September (Saturday) 2-4pm.

By Chika Yamawaki

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