Corporate Wellness

Invest in your people for the the growth of your business

Life Source is the ideal solution to help you create wellness programs for your staff. We have been providing corporate yoga or wellness programs for many different organisations for over a decade.

Yoga or Pilates at work to improve staff well-being

Corporate WellnessCorporate yoga & pilates programmes have been proven to save businesses money in terms of reducing staff turnover, absenteeism, illness and stress leave. The toning & stretching from Pilates & yoga classes improve the postures and reduce common aches and pains associated with sitting at desk all day. Yoga doesn’t make stress disappear but it helps people manage their reaction to stress more effectively, resulting in improved powers of concentration, greater clarity of mind, better decision-making, better productivity and a deeper sense of health and well being.

Meditation at work to reduce stress

Corporate WellnessMeditation is an amazing way to enhance well being in the office and it is a fantastic pick-me-up if energy levels are flagging. The benefits of regular meditation include reduced psychological stress, reduced blood pressure,  increased serotonin production (and makes you feel happier) and prevention of over-production of adrenalin which leads to fatigue and stress. Our classes are based on various guided meditations and visualizations that are eminently suitable for beginners.

Corporate Yoga break for conference or Health Week

Thinking of new ideas to spice up a conference or finding new ways to increase corporate well-being? We’ll visit your venue to give your delegates a break with yoga, pilates or meditation class that best suit your event and time requirements.

How does it work?

Classes can be arranged for 45 minutes to one hour. You just need 8 people to start a corporate yoga or pilates or meditation class. Find out when you would like to have the classes and organise a space in your office that can accommodate the class — either a meeting room or a breakout area.  Then leave the rest to us — we will send the best teacher to suit your needs.

If your office is based in North Sydney, you can set up a corporate account for staff to take classes at our centre where staff can attend as they wish.

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