Save $20 on your initial Bowen Therapy Treatment for TMJ Syndrome

Posted on Jun 27, 2017

Save $20 on your initial Bowen Therapy Treatment for TMJ Syndrome

Does your jaw click or pop every time you open and close your mouth? Are you experiencing constant jaw and ear pain? Does your face hurt?

If you’re experiencing these symptoms you’re not alone. There is help at hand with the use of a very gentle and non-invasive technique that will have you pain free and symptom free in no time.

Our Bowen Therapist and Naturopath, Eliza will put together a tailored, holistic plan using a range of herbal remedies including nerve support herbs that will have you back on the road to recovery in no time. Eliza will also use the Bowen Technique which stimulates the body’s own self-healing by working with specific muscle groups to stimulate neural pathways and bring balance back to the musculoskeletal framework, nervous system and soft tissue. You will see great results in just a few treatments.

With over 17 years experience Sydney NaturopathBowenwork / Bowen Therapy / Bowen Technique Practitioner, Certified Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)Reiki Master / Teacher and Certified Angel Card Reader, Eliza has founded her practice with the objective of offering a gentle and holistic approach to health care.To make an appointment call 8904 0202 or visit her website.

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